Munro Pumps and Old Camp Rules

In 2015, we created a film for Munro Pumps to help them communicate what they do, and just as important, who they are to their customers and prospective employees. The Munro family has been in business in Colorado for more than a century, and their name and product has survived over time because of their fierce dedication to quality and their insistence on "making it right for the customer."

Munro is a standout among manufacturers who specialize in moving water. When costs started encouraging businesses to use plastic, Munro refused and continued using copper, which ensured the quality and durability of their product over their competition.

But more than anything, Munro impressed us with their "old camp rules" which dictate that "you always leave a campsite better than you found it." Applied to business, that equals happy, satisfied, and well taken care of customers.

Munro shows the film before they present to new clients. They say the film has dramatically improved the process of building client relationships, trust, and confidence in Munro from the moment their customers walk through their doors.