Canvas Technology


A picture is worth a thousand words and video is even better. Canvas Technology needed a film that quickly and effectively communicated what their complex product is and what it does to prospective customers and investors.

Video camera lens

Canvas has brilliantly engineered a technology that enables vehicles to "see" and maneuver through environments; this "camera first," 3D vision can also help the vehicles respond to changes, people, gestures, and obstructions and continuously plan new routes through their environments. Canvas has designed their fully autonomous industrial carts to help people work more efficiently in factories and warehouses. 

Canvas vehicles inside an industrial building.

With such a complex technology with such vast world-changing implications, Canvas found the explanation of the product took a while before potential buyers and investors could fully understand what the product does.

                                                      They needed a tool that reduces that explanation time.

In response, we created a film that showed the carts in action and briefly explained how the technology sees in ever-changing environments. Interviews peppered throughout the film communicate the heart and soul of Canvas: to maximize human and material potential by increasing efficiency and using resources wisely.

After showing the film to many customers and investors, Sandra McQueen, Vice President of Marketing at Canvas Technology, says it now only takes three minutes to explain their product whereas, before, it took an hour.

Seth Schaeffer, President and CEO of Hoptocopter™ Films, interviewing a Canvas employee on set in Boulder, Colorado.

Instead of spending time communicating what the product does, the Canvas sales team can now use that time having more useful and meaningful conversations with their clients.

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Hoptocopter™’s film cuts down the time it takes to explain our product from one hour to three minutes.
— Sandra McQueen, VP of Marketing at Canvas Technology