CTE and Cherry Creek Schools


Last fall, we released a film for CTE (Career and Technical Education), a STEM-based training program for high school-aged Cherry Creek School students in Denver. CTE needed a film that communicates to prospective students and parents as well as to investors how their program helps to train and place kids in well-paying, long-term careers. CTE offers training in over 30 different fields such as engineering, automotive, business, and art and gives an alternative for non-traditional learners who thrive in a more hands-on environment.



At Hoptocopter™ Films, we live in the world of manufacturing. We hear feedback from our clients about how they wish schools offered more STEM programs to better prepare potential employees for jobs in the manufacturing sector. As manufacturers ourselves, this reality and this film hit close to home. We are passionate about helping spread the word about CTE and programs like it as the benefits trickle down to our industry and raise the overall quality waterline.

More than any other project we've worked on, the production for the CTE film taught us how to be flexible, efficient with time, and how to juggle variable upon variable while filming.



Between two Hoptocopter™ teams, we had two days to film 65 interviews in 30 classrooms at six different spread-out schools. Accomplishing a production like this took some creative producing work; we had to make sure to cover each of the classes offered, and most of the classes were only offered on one of the two days we were filming. There was no downtime or room for error. Since we had to work within the parameters of each school's class schedule, we couldn't reschedule an interview if wasn't set up on time. We learned the value of flexibility, of asking only the right questions, and of maximizing our time. It was of utmost importance to us that in the midst of a busy production schedule, we still captured the heart of each of the 65 interviewees' messages.

Amongst our two teams, we developed a rhythm; while one person was interviewing, the other person was setting up for the next shot. By the middle of the first day, we reached our stride, and the process began to feel more like manufacturing. We even managed to capture b-roll footage for the program so they would have additional content to pull from later.

We're so grateful to have the opportunity to work with CTE and Cherry Creek Schools. The education they're providing for high school students gives us hope for both manufacturing and video production. Click here for more information about CTE and Cherry Creek Schools.