The Hoptocopter™ Films team is a Colorado video production company specializing in cinematic corporate films. We ensure our production process is easy for the customer, and our approach targets specific markets intentionally and effectively.

We're a team of entrepreneurs, storytellers, and creatives with a passion for creating functional films that our clients are proud of.

Our team is in love with our home in Colorado, and we have made it our goal to stay here long-term and pack our carry-ons when production requires travel.

We create functional films for corporations. If you have a message to communicate, we promise an open ear to explore your ideas.




the team

Seth Schaeffer President of Hoptocopter™ Films

Seth Schaeffer
Owner, President

Seth has always had a passion for storytelling through music and film. As a child, he studied both classical and jazz piano as well as guitar, drums, and bass. As he entered into the professional world, he found his musical background paved the way for another form of expression: film. 

In 2005, he launched Hoptocopter™ Films in his hometown of Grand Junction, Colorado. Since then, storytelling via film has led him to share and highlight the stories of a vast number of people, cultures, backgrounds, and industries. As a commercial film director, Seth has found that his favorite films are those that capture the honesty, humanity, and heart of a person or organization. Because of his unique approach to film, he has had the opportunity to collaborate on and/or direct countless commercial films with clients such as GEICO, Loki, Red Bull, Ducati, and Apple. 

Seth is a proud father of two boys and a husband. He loves playing music with the family, mountain biking, and always learning something new. 

Carrie Schaeffer - Copywriter and VO Artist at Hoptocopter™ Films

Carrington Schaeffer
Owner, Copywriter, VO Artist

Carrington loves all things creative, from performing to writing to crafting to baking. Since launching Hoptocopter™ Films with Seth in 2005, she’s worked both behind and in front of the camera as bookkeeper, copywriter and editor, actress, and voice talent. Her background as a freelance writer of both fiction and non-fiction gives her a creative capacity to find and highlight each person or organization's unique story. 

In her spare time, Carrington is a wife, a mother to two little boys, and a freelance writer. She also produces the bi-weekly podcast Honestly, Dear Listener, which seeks to inspire creativity by championing vulnerability and community. She also enjoys baking, sewing, and reading.

Heather Benjamin - Chief Operating Officer and Producer at Hoptocopter™ Films

Heather Benjamin
Chief Operating Officer, Producer

After 15 years of working in government, Heather joined Hoptocopter™ Films in February 2016. (Read about her leap into the private sector.) Her diverse background includes work for multiple elected officials, providing a high quality of customer service and detailed organization, which parlays well with the highly creative team at Hoptocopter™ Films. 

Heather holds a degree in journalism and political science from the University of Wyoming and has extensive training and experience in emergency crisis communication.

She was named 2014 Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce Young Professional of the Year and 2015 Colorado Public Information Officer of the Year. Heather sits on the Board and is the vice-chair of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates of Mesa County). She has been actively involved in the Mesa County community on behalf of children for many years. Heather and her husband have three beautiful children.

Chris Clark - Post Production Supervisor at Hoptocopter™ Films

Chris Clark
Post-Production Supervisor

Originally from Pueblo, CO, Chris graduated from Colorado Mesa University in 2015 with a degree in Mass Communications. As he became more interested in journalism, he found his passion for video production and creative storytelling grew. After graduating, he worked in video production at Mesa County Libraries in Grand Junction and KRDO News Channel 13 in Colorado Springs before joining Hoptocopter™ Films as an editor in 2016.

In his spare time, Chris skis in the winter and goes rafting in the summer. He rides his bike to work (almost) every day.

Ashley Bernal - Post Production Specialist at Hoptocopter™ Films

Ashley Bernal
Post-Production Specialist

Ashley is a photography and videography enthusiast as well as a sixth generation resident of Western Colorado. She studied at the University of San Diego before graduating from Colorado Mesa University in 2013 with a degree in Mass Communication. Well versed in travel, she has traveled to fifteen countries on her own and recently lived in southern Spain where she became fluent in Spanish. She served as a National Park Service Ranger for five years and still has a habit of picking up trash everywhere she goes. She joined the Hoptocopter™ team in 2017.

Ashley loves photographing the finer details, capturing the unexpected, and telling stories that connect people and communities around her. In the summertime, she drives a tractor for her family farm. When she's not at her desk cutting film for Hoptocopter™, you can probably find her recreating in the wilderness.

Jeff Gustafson - Cinematographer and Colorist at Hoptocopter™ Films

Jeff Gustafson
Cinematographer, Colorist

Jeff has come to Colorado by way of Texas, Utah, Japan, and Minnesota. He earned a degree in Media Arts from BYU in 2004 and spent the next several years working as a freelance camera assistant and director of photography. From Maine to Hawaii, he has worked on everything from low-budget independent films and late-night infomercials to international car commercials and Oscar-nominated Hollywood movies. In 2010, he enrolled at Texas A&M University's Department of Visualization to study computer animation and did alright but found he loved live-action production more. He joined Hoptocopter™ in 2015.

When he's not at work, Jeff is probably with his wife, listening to a podcast, or curating his DVD library. He's fascinated with learning more about color grading and visual language through cinematography.

Patrick Thomas - Grip, Gaffer at Hoptocopter™ Films

Patrick Thomas
Grip, Gaffer

Originally from Northern California, Patrick got his feet wet in production working at Hollywood Center Studios in props, grip, and lighting. Since then, he has lent his talents to many productions for clients such as Food Network, ABC, Red Bull, the Travel Channel, and Budweiser. In 2014, he worked for the University of Northern Colorado as the Videographer Editor, in charge of all in-house media and live video production services. 

He is comfortable wearing many production hats including Camera Operator, Audio Visual Tech, Floor Director, Grip, and more. He joined the Hoptocopter™ Films team in 2017.

Patrick loves being a part of a team that creatively overcomes obstacles and collaborates to produce a beautiful end project.

McKenna Yoder - Marketing Administrator at Hoptocopter™ Films

McKenna Yoder
Marketing Administrator

In 2016, McKenna graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and an Associates Degree in Professional Administration. After college, she returned back to her home state of Utah to work as a Marketing Specialist and, eventually, a Marketing Administrator.

McKenna joined Hoptocopter in 2017 and helps keep the team on task and organized. She is task-oriented and loves To-Do lists and keeping things orderly and tidy. She also loves helping others find their passion and being a part of a team that is driven and caring.

In her spare time, she works to better herself by reading personal development books and taking singing lessons. When she’s not keeping Hoptocopter™ organized, she’s at the gym, discovering new coffee shops (she was a barista for six years), or volunteering her time at Fellowship Church.