We've designed the Hoptocopter™ Films process to be simple and straight-forward. Here are the three steps that guide all our projects from concept to completion.




All the planning happens here. We identify your problem/needs, develop a core message that meets those needs, and build the story around that message. 

Then, we move towards developing art directions, casting interviewees (clients, employees, partners, owners), and location scouting for the film.

Last, we finalize the production schedule.




Lights, camera, action!

All filming happens here. Our team is on-location to capture interviews (primary video footage that communicates information) and B-roll (the secondary video footage that supports the story).





The editing happens here--AKA the process of arranging the footage we've acquired in a way that shapes your message and tells your story.

You will have an opportunity to review and help refine the basic edit.

Once you approve the edit, we will consider you film "picture-locked" meaning no further changes are expected, and we can add the finishing touches.


This is where we get all geeky!

Color correction, color grading, foley sound design, audio mastering, visual effects, and graphics will bring your film to the next level.


Hoptocopter™ Films will provide you with the digital files you will need to share your CO/FILM™ with your audience, whether that be in a presentation, on a website, through social media, or on TV. 

We can optimize our films for 4K cinemas, iPhones, and everything in-between.