Q: Why Hoptocopter™ Films?

A: Hoptocopter™ Films is about creating a strategic partnership.

We want to learn all we can about your company (the challenges you face, what makes you unique, etc.) in order to deliver the highest quality film that connects your clients to who you really are. We’re focused, passionate, and highly experienced in every step of the process so we can deliver you a world-class end product.


Q. What are the potential uses for a corporate film?

A: One of the biggest challenges companies face is how to communicate their products, identity, and vision to their clients and team. In today's fast-paced, technologically savvy world, videos have become an essential way to consistently and strategically communicate your message to your desired audience.

Here is a short list of why our customers have contacted Hoptocopter Films:

  • Brand Strengthening 
  • PR & HR Problem-Solving
  • Product Releases
  • Recruitment & Employee Retention
  • Education
  • Trade Shows
  • Explainer Videos and more

Q: Do you offer services besides the corporate films?

A: Yes we do! We produce all levels of concept-to-completion film projects (request a custom quote here) as well as offer on-set and post-production assistance for producers, directors, and film-makers needing equipment and crew. Also, we specialize in Freefly MOVI operation.


Q: What if we want more than one video or an additional shorter edit of our film?

A: Video production is like manufacturing. Once the machines are up and running, it's much easier for us to plan and produce another video for significantly less money than if we were to produce only one video. These "add-on" videos, such as television commercials, preview trailers, and trade-show loops, can give you more arrows in your quiver by meeting more customer needs and addressing more HR / PR issues. For more information about film add-ons, scroll down on our pricing page. If you don't see what you want, please don't be shy to submit a custom request.

If you want to shoot multiple films at once, we can save you money there as well. Just get in touch!


Q: How long will the process take?

A: Though it really depends on the scope of your project, the average film takes five to six weeks to produce from beginning to end.



Want to know more? Give us a call. We are a low-pressure team and would love to point you in the right direction.