Pepper Custom Baits


Back in 2012, Colorado-operated Pepper Custom Baits commissioned a Hoptocopter™ Films CO/FILM to be shot at Lake Powell and showcasing their jigs and baits. For three days, we got to watch some of the finest fishermen (such as Fred "Boom Boom" Roumbanis) do what they do best while we learned about the heart of Pepper Custom Baits. Pepper Custom started in Grand Junction, Colorado and is operated by Justin Covello and his dad, Gene Covello. Together, they built up a business that sells to most major tackle suppliers. They've positioned themselves in the market as being a great bait that will pull in prize winning fish while remaining relatively affordable for the average customer.


In "Life of Fishing," we focus on the art of fishing and what it feels like to make that catch. The film central theme of the film is the idea that fishing is a sport that should be enjoyed by everyone, from the novice to the professional, and that both can rely on Pepper Custom's jigs and baits for quality and performance.

Even though we chose to spotlight the art of fishing (especially at the beginning of the film), we didn't want to lose the focus on Pepper Custom's product, so we used graphics to pull attention back to the baits themselves. 

We are grateful to Pepper Custom Baits for the opportunity to be able to help communicate who they are to the world, and we're proud to be able to share their message as well as the beauty of glorious Lake Powell with you.