Gone are the days when the government had an unrivaled platform for communicating with its citizens. In the age of YouTube and Netflix, Game of Thrones and Justin Bieber, the government has had to get a little more creative when it comes to relaying information to the general public. Where mail gets lost in the shuffle, film is the most cost efficient and clear method if you want to share a specific message with a large audience.

From PSAs encouraging community action to educating citizens about the status of a local landslide or offering free classes on life saving techniques, we help government entities to communicate through high quality visuals and storytelling to deliver a message in a maximum-impact format with which their citizens can resonate and relate.

Whether you are a school district, a fire department, or the Secretary of State, Hoptocopter Films is here to tell your story.


Example 1: University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming needed a set of commercials that appealed to prospective students’ love for the great outdoors as well as their need for a university that offers a wide and varied range of studies and extracurricular activities. The resulting films we produced for UW captured campus life in way that makes the viewer excited about attending UW.


Example 2: Sheriff's Office


Example 3: EDCC