Gone are the days when the government had an unrivaled platform for communicating with its citizens. In the age of YouTube and Netflix, Game of Thrones and Justin Bieber, the government has had to get a little more creative when it comes to relaying information to the general public. Where mail gets lost in the shuffle, film is the most cost efficient and clear method if you want to share a specific message with a large audience.

From PSAs encouraging community action to educating citizens about the status of a local landslide or offering free classes on life saving techniques, we help government entities to communicate through high quality visuals and storytelling to deliver a message in a maximum-impact format with which their citizens can resonate and relate.

Whether you are a school district, a fire department, or the Secretary of State, Hoptocopter Films is here to tell your story.


example#1: Go Code

And speaking of which...we received a call from Colorado’s Secretary of State who commissioned us to produce a video highlighting Go Code Colorado, a statewide app development competition that seeks to promote Colorado’s tech industry. We produced a short film that helps to inspire brilliant minds to seek creative solutions to problems in our state.


example#2: Mesa County Landslide

A few years ago, one of the largest landslides in history took place next to Collbran, Colorado. Mesa County came to us and asked us to produce a video informing Western Colorado residents of the occurrence of the West Salt Creek Landslide and warning them to stay away from the impacted area.



The Grand Junction Fire Department approached us with the idea of putting out a public service announcement about compression-only CPR and the free classes the GJFD offers to the public. We produced a short film that communicates the importance of knowing CPR as well as how to sign up for the free classes.