Traction | Western Colorado's Growing Tech Industry

At Hoptocopter™ Films, every Colorado-based story we tell helps our already grand state become even better by creating movement and change in our local communities.

The phone rang last January, and much to our surprise, it was the Colorado Secretary of State’s office asking for help in telling the story of how the tech industry is exploding in Western Colorado.

Naturally, we were thrilled at the opportunity to highlight the greatness of Western Colorado, our home base.

The film project highlighted Go Code Colorado, a state-wide app development competition that takes place in five different cities across Colorado. Over the last few years, Grand Junction has gone from being unable to host the event due to a lack in registration numbers, to being the second largest location in the state, in 2016. During Go Code Challenge Weekend, Grand Junction boasted five great teams who developed creative solutions to problems including a mountain biking app, a digital business card, a resource tool app for foster parents, and more.

When people think about Colorado tech and startups, they often think “Front Range,” but most people are unaware of all the entrepreneurship and tech growth blossoming in Western Colorado. Our company, Hoptocopter™ Films, moved back to Grand Junction a little over three years ago because of Western Colorado’s strong sense of community, the casual and relaxed lifestyle it provides, and its diverse outdoor recreation. In fact, while filming the story about the growing tech industry in Western Colorado, we learned that a growing number of other entrepreneurs have chosen Grand Junction for the same reasons.

For our team, having the opportunity to create this film for the state of Colorado was about so much more than talking about tech; it is a story of resurgence and how entrepreneurs are actively coming together to transform and revitalize Western Colorado and its communities.



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