5 Steps To Creating Effective Videos

first steps for starting a video project

Your story needs to inspire and speak to the consumers you’re targeting, and your story needs to be an undeniably true reflection of who you are.

  1. Consider why you’re in search of a video production.
    What sparked the need to look for effective storytelling? Maybe your clients are unclear about what you do. Maybe the competition looks better than you do and you want to fix that. Either way, your motivation is always a fantastic starting point in finding the right message. 
  2. Determine who your customer base is.
    Many people say their clients are “everyone,” but the reality is that 80% of your profitable business can be dialed into a specific “decision-maker” demographic. Is your demographic mainly female or male? Is it people with salaries above $100,000 per year or under $30,000? Is it people that drive trucks, like fishing, watch football, enjoy high-end coffee, use Apple computers, only listen to Kenny G. (we hope not), etc.?
  3. Work off the cultural impact of your company.
    If you typically cater to a higher-end demographic with a softer edge, then heavy metal music with strong polarizing statements is most likely not the right direction for your story’s tone. On the contrary, if you're marketing to a tougher demographic, lighter tones and softer statements probably won’t project the confidence needed to effectively communicate your message. Appropriately planning the visual and audible aesthetic of your video is an important step in finding your story.
  4. Find examples of for inspiration.
    You can find inspiration for visual aesthetic in photographs, movies, competitors’ videos, and many other places. Remember that you may be the only company in your industry doing a CO/FILM-styled video, so don't be afraid to find videos and films from other industries. We can help you find the general aesthetic that is needed to effectively communicate your message to your audience.
  5. Select your video's distribution method.
    High numbers don’t produce results alone. If your video is sales-focused to engage a new audience, marketing heavily to your current market is not always the strongest method in gaining high audience retention and follow-through. Targeted ad campaigns will allow you to effectively rise to the top of the market that wants to engage with your company. We help you determine the platforms and distribution method that will be most effective for your final product.

Hoptocopter™ Films is excited to help you create a film that will engage your target audience, represent your company’s culture, and inspire potential buyers to take the next step.