Prepare for your video in 5 easy steps

Good Prep For First Meeting With Video Company

A few simple steps can help you prepare before your first meeting with a video producer. These will help them to create a video that will engage your target audience, represent your company’s culture, and inspire potential buyers to take the next step.

1. Understand your competition and where you are in your industry’s marketplace. 

Having a general understanding of how you compare in price, performance, and luxury allows your video producer and director to position your messaging well.

2. Give them a snapshot of what you’ve looked like in the past.

What is the messaging and branding you’ve used before? The messaging your audience already knows is important to consider. Some past pieces or styles may stay 'as-is' and some pieces can be built upon to help re-educate the audience in order to have a stronger impact in your final film.

3. Think about your culture. 

The people that have already engaged with your business have chosen you for a reason. This is a key factor in creating the audio/visual aesthetic of your film. If your audience sees you as friendly, confident, tough, polite, funny, inspiring, etc., producers can use this information to align your message with who you are and who your customers are.

4. Find inspiration.

Think about why you want a video and what kind of stories or visuals truly inspire you. As unrelated as some may initially seem, take note of your favorite movies, music, photographs, books, and interests. The things that make you and your business tick will often inform and inspire your final film.

5. Be open-minded.

Your producer needs to do the same. Creative pieces often start with fluid concepts that eventually shape your final message. Allowing for creativity and new ideas allows everyone to engage in the process to assure the final film works well and inspires both you and your customers.


Hoptocopter™ Films is excited to join you in the process of creating a film that will engage your target audience, represent your company’s culture, and inspire buyers to take the next step in the buying journey.