Spoons' Tasty New TV Commercial

Spoons Bistro Grand Junction

I’m not a snob about it, but I’m one of those people that loves food. I’m okay with low-priced meals that practically have the name Sysco stamped over the top of each meal.

However, I have a high regard for well-made food. Fresh ingredients. Quality cooking. Non-gluttonous portions and nice plating. I’m a sucker for a great dining experience.

Fresh. Local. From the Heart.

What I love about Spoons’ tagline is how beautifully and truly it communicates who they are. Spoons Bistro & Bakery is not only a local Grand Junction, CO restaurant... They support local farmers. They support local wineries. They support the local butcher, the local candy maker, and the local leader in palliative care. Everything they do increases the quality of life for the Grand Junction, Colorado community.

When this restaurant approached us to make a commercial for them, I knew the message was rich, the food quality was high, and the cause they support was priceless. HopeWest is one of the most amazing non-profits in Grand Junction, CO. Caring for people truly in need and supporting the cause through brilliant programming (Spoons, Heirlooms, & Cups).

But seriously…what I didn’t know was how amazing their food was going to be.

In our little town of Grand Junction, CO, the options for truly top-quality food is expanding, but by no means endless. My family has added Spoons Bistro & Bakery to our list of favorite restaurants next to Bin 707CaféSolIl BistroPalisade Brewing CompanyHot Tomato Pizza, and Baron’s.

If you appreciate well-priced, high-quality food and you’re thinking, “We need to find a great place to eat this evening,”give Spoons Bistro & Bakery a shot.


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