The landscape of advertising has changed dramatically over the last decade; gone are the days when your advertisement was merely an impersonal message shouted to the masses without focus or specificity. For the first time in history, you have the ability to target your message to the ideal customer of your choosing--on the ideal platform of your choice and at the time and place you desire. Never before have you had the opportunity to access and analyze data telling you how your audience is responding to and connecting with your campaign. However, at the same time your messaging options have broadened, the competition for your audience’s attention is also at an all-time high.

We do things a little differently.

We start with your audience. After identifying who you’re trying to reach and what grabs their attention, we begin to tailor how we tell your story to appeal to their specific tastes in visual styles, color palettes, musical genres, and so on



Montrose Regional Airport is a small regional airport with a large impact. Tucked away in the small Colorado town, Montrose Regional Airport is the access point to some of Colorado’s most popular and beautiful towns including Ouray and Telluride. Unfortunately, the airport is currently too small to accommodate the thousands of people flying through the airport every day. Montrose Regional Airport came to us with the idea of creating a video showing the intense demand for a larger airport so it can continue being a critical hub for Colorado travel. So we created this film that specifically targets the airport’s problem as well as solutions for the future.


EXAMPLE#2: Canvas Technology

Canvas Technology needed a film that quickly and effectively communicated what their complex product is, fully autonomous industrial carts, and what it does for prospective customers and investors. With such a complex technology and such vast world-changing implications, they needed a tool that reduces explanation time. In response, we created a film that enables Canvas to be able to explain their product to prospective customers and investors in only three minutes. To learn more about Canvas Technology, visit 



The University of Wyoming needed a set of commercials that appealed to prospective students’ love for the great outdoors as well as their need for a university that offers a wide and varied range of studies and extracurricular activities. The resulting films we produced for UW captured campus life in way that makes the viewer excited about attending UW.