Using Inspiration to Find Your Niche

As we come to the end of the 2015 year, I want to stop and reflect; we've grown larger as a company personnel-wise this year, but we've also come closer than ever before to pointing our cameras at the things that inspire us the most. 

Last year, our whole team took a three-day work retreat in Moab, Utah to work on Hoptocopter™ Films' branding, website, and identity. While we were there, we hit all the standard retreat topics: Where are we? Where are we going? etc. The time of introspection allowed us to identify that while we had been staying busy with work, some of the projects we were doing weren't aligned with the vision of where we wanted to be as a company. As we began to dive deeper into the conversation, we switched from talking about where we are to who we are. And who we are has everything to do with what inspires us.


We are storytellers who believe wholeheartedly in the power of inspiration. And what inspires us most is finding someone's compelling story and communicating it in a way that lights the viewer on fire with inspiration. Story has the unique ability to break through other people's walls and speak to their hearts. Once we identified who we were, we looked at our body of work and asked ourselves: What is the work that fills our cups as artists, and what would keep us inspired in the long run?

You can't have a story without good conflict and problem-solving; not surprisingly, we discovered that the stories we enjoyed telling most involved highlighting a group of professional problem solvers: entrepreneurs. Once we identified this, we reached out to entrepreneurs as well as to organizations who help business owners all over Colorado. 

We often think of organizations as things as opposed to people, but it's the people in each company who makes it unique. It's the people who bring emotion and life to the videos we produce, and it's the people who allow us to showcase the humanity behind the brand. We specifically choose to tell the stories of Colorado-based entrepreneurs because we want to do our part in strengthening our state's economy and culture. 

Allowing inspiration to guide us to the projects we want to do has allowed us to work better. We've found that as we connect with a company's story, the process of communicating that story via video flows easily, making for both a gratifying creative process as well as a happy client.