Learning on the fly the bare bones basics of being on-set for Hoptocopter™ Films has been an awesome challenge. In six months, we’ve traveled to many different locations including Wyoming, California, Texas, Oklahoma, and all around Colorado and have worked with crews ranging from two to twenty production staff members. Each filming location is unique, and I often find my role switching back and forth from essential to supporting.

The first thing I learned how to do on-set is run. Being new, I never stopped running for gear: running to the truck, running to the store, running back again. The faster I could get equipment set up and broken down, the sooner we could leave for the next location or back to the hotel to transfer footage and charge batteries for the next day.

The more I run, the more I learn, and if I make a mistake, at least I’m not wasting other people’s time by slow-hoofing it! Welcome to being the new guy on set; hit the ground running!