Crossroads Fitness // Promises

Sometimes, our clients have a clear direction of what they want for their film.

And sometimes, they hand it to us and say, "We trust you."

Although we appreciate both approaches, we love it when we get to dream up the entire concept from the beginning to end. We produced this commercial for Crossroads Fitness to complement the 2018 Winter Olympics as it would run on local television during the games.

But how to tell their story without making them sound like every other gym out there? Shots of lifting barbells or running on a treadmill are all good and well, but how could we give clients a taste for what the Crossroads is really like and highlight what makes them unique?

Although I've visited other local gyms, I've been going to Crossroads Fitness for years now. One of the reasons I like going?
Crossroads is real.
They care not only about your business but also about your health and the investment you're making in your family, and they want to see you get a return on that investment as you get older. Consequently, we chose to focus not only on the importance of working out but, more importantly, how health and fitness help you enjoy your family better and longer throughout your life.

We had a blast making this commercial and are so grateful to Crossroads for trusting us to represent them well to their clients.