Happy Trails, Will!

We're of the mind that you should follow your dreams, no matter what the obstacles. 

After all, that's how Hoptocopter™ Films came to be in the first place.

Seth and I have grown up with others championing what we love to do, and now, it's our responsibility to pass that encouragement along. Even when it's hard. 

Our friend Will Campbell will soon be hanging up his Hoptocopter™ hat to pursue his own path of producing documentary films. While we are sad to see him go, we're so happy he is following his heart, and we fully support his efforts.

Will (far right) shows Heather (far left) how to work the camera

For three and a half years, Will has been lending extraordinary talents to our team. We are all the better for it. 

Will joined our team in the fall of 2013, and right away, we knew he had something special. He is a wonderfully gifted creator of systems; many of our workflows and increased efficiencies have been a direct result of Will's brilliant mind. He doesn't do things halfway. He doesn't take shortcuts if it means that the overall product will suffer. He's candid, but he's kind about it, a quality which we greatly value at Hoptocopter™ and one that is essential on any film set. When he knows something could be better, he does what it takes to make it happen, even if it means sacrificing his own valuable personal time.

Will’s dream of making films to make the world a better place has been calling to him. And we are proud to stand behind his efforts. We can't wait for what's in store.

To stay current with what Will's doing, check out his website/portfolio!




Here are a couple of notable videos Will has directed: