Artist Spotlight: MODE

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One of the coolest parts of what we do is collaborating with other artists.

It's gratifying to watch how, through collaboration, all of us can pool our strengths and talents so every piece of the final product is artistically solid and contributes to the overall strength of the whole.

Because it's important that our clients' films be effective in telling their stories, we're also highly intentional about who we collaborate with. Simply, we love working with artists who take their work just as seriously as we take ours.  


Musical Composer MODE is one such artist. We've always admired his ability to guide listeners through stories embedded in his music, taking them on a journey that can range from light and playful to darker and powerful, all in one piece, seamlessly. 

We love working with MODE because of his ability to understand a vision for a project and then create stunning soundtracks that complement and uphold the intentions behind our visuals. He's versatile and artistically sensitive to a video's demands for switching directions and changing moods. 

For our piece for Iron Cross Automotive, MODE's custom score begins by gently introducing us to the heart of Iron Cross' story and then crescendoing the ending, musically mirroring the power and toughness of their American-made products.

Writing music isn't just a hobby for MODE; he writes music because the drive to create is so strong that he can't help himself.

"Writing music is the only thing that makes sense for me to do," he says. "I write because I don't really feel okay if I'm not writing."

Through growing up and into college, he learned to play multiple instruments including drums and piano (his primaries) as well as guitar, bass, marimba, and a slew of more obscure instruments. Having a background in so many musical instruments has allowed him to play and write in many different styles and textures within his orchestration. 

He doesn't like to limit himself to one kind of sound or atmosphere or style. Rather, he prefers to keep his options open by writing in all different genres: rock, reggae, jazz, electro-pop, classical, and blues to name a few. MODE's versatility of style has allowed him to work for many different industries including but not limited to nearly every major American television network and several major automobile brands. His resume is impressive with clients such as Nike, Google, and Tesla. 


For our Truck Hero piece, the client wanted a more mainstream, sales promo. MODE made sure the music stayed on track with a traditional American, guitar-based score.

When composing for video, MODE uses the overall feel of the visuals for inspiration. 

"Every time I get a new project, my approach is always fresh," he says of the process of writing music for video. He pays attention to the emotion in the subtext to support the message musically. 


In our recruitment video for FMC Technologies, MODE'S score functions as a soundtrack, reinforcing the visuals by emphasizing specific beats and shifting moods to mirror the dialogue. 

Take a look at some of our other collaborations with Danny below. Enjoy!