People are what make organizations great.

But how do you get people’s attention to let them know how awesome your business, school, or company really is? Our answer to the problem? Let Hoptocopter™ Films create a tailor-made recruitment film that inspires people to want to work and learn with you. We find the coolest things about you and make sure your film reflects your coolness so that your business, school, or company appeals to your specific audience. Bottom line: You get to work with the people you want.


Example #1: GSI


example #2: County Sheriff's Office


example #3: Munro companies


Example 4: University of wyoming

The University of Wyoming needed a set of commercials that appealed to prospective students’ love for the great outdoors as well as their need for a university that offers a wide and varied range of studies and extracurricular activities. The resulting films we produced for UW captured campus life in way that makes the viewer excited about attending UW.


Example#5: FMC Technologies

FMC Technologies came to us with an interesting challenge; they wanted to make sure that potential applicants knew up-front that the great benefits and salaries of working for FMC Technologies also come hand-in-hand with one of the toughest jobs in America. They only wanted the toughest of applicants, so we made a film that wasn’t for the faint of heart.