Doing Some Good

Each project we take on at Hoptocopter™ Films is special in and of itself. We love to help our clients overcome challenges in their organizations.

But I especially love when a project walks through our doors that allows us to help people who then directly help other people who so desperately need a voice. Seeing others succeed and knowing I had a small part in it makes my toes tingle!

A few months back, we had the opportunity to partner with LGHtv (Light Gives Heat TV) to film a kickstarter campaign film to raise money to produce and film the third season of their family-friendly hit show, The Find. Founders Dave and Morgan Hansow travel to areas in need, find local stories, and share them with the world, giving voice to the marginalized, the poor, and the forgotten. Using the film we produced with them, the Hansows hoped to raise $80,000 in a month in order to find and tell stories of Detroit, Michigan, a city wracked by crime, poverty, and a failing economy.

After releasing the kickstarter campaign, the Hansows were able to raise the full amount in a month and are currently in production. If you are in need of a shot in the arm of faith in humanity, this is the show to watch.

Click here for more information on how you can watch LGHtv’s The Find: Detroit.