Cars & Cameras

Whenever I get the opportunity to combine two old loves of mine—cars and cameras—I jump at the chance.

As a little boy, I was obsessed with anything with wheels: bikes, motorcycles, 4-wheelers, and then finally, cars.

As I got older, I swapped Hot Wheels for the real thing; the first car I bought was a 1986 Toyota MR2. When I was behind that wheel, I thought I could beat anyone in a race. The reality is that the naturally-aspirated 4 cylinder with 230,000 miles on it was slightly faster than the average moped. In high school, one of our team members, Jonathan Harris, and I would race in the parking lot: Jonathan had a Geo Prism that destroyed my "fast car." 

That is until I got my next car, an Eagle Talon TSI. In typical high school fashion, my friends and I tried to soup up our cars as much as our high school incomes would allow. Turbo, boost controller, exhaust, intake, and 240hp to the wheels — this car was "fast."

We thought we were fast. Looking back, I laugh.

I haven’t grown out of my love for cars. There’s something about automobiles that calls out our most basic desire—freedom. 

Cars allow us to go fast while giving us the freedom to explore places we never could have dreamed of going before. 

I am sometimes taken aback by good design when I see it. I can’t help but tip my hat to the level of passion and creativity these designers have in creating the excellence I see on the road today.

We have had the privilege of being able to film so many inspiring innovators over the years--and some of our favorites have been in the auto industry. 


Truck Hero

Truck Hero is one of the largest distributors of truck accessories and needed an overview film:



Retrax is a high-end truck bed cover company that needed a video to demonstrate how a premium Retrax truck bed cover can increase the utility and functionality of any truck.


Iron Cross

Iron Cross Automotive specializes in American-made automotive parts; we helped capture the spirit of their company and communicate it to the world. 


Greg Tracy / Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

We shot a promo for Stunt Driver Greg Tracy for the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb. With this film, Hoptocopter™ Films was the first company to ever release a film shot with iPhones.


Chairslayer / SolidWorks / Small Army

Together with Small Army, we helped to produce a film that highlighted how Chairslayer’s Rob Parsons is partnering with SolidWorks software to design adaptive race cars for people with disabilities.