Trade Shows

Trade shows are insanity. Flashy signs, enormous booths, and sooo many pamphlets--how do you get noticed amid such mayhem? Let us tell you about transportation.

Transportation is a device storytellers use to take you out of the real world and into the story. It’s the moment you’re so wrapped up in a good movie or book that you forget where you are. As a viewer, you don’t really notice until the story is over when the rest of the world comes crashing back.

That’s our trade show strategy: a good film won’t just help you to stand out from the chaos; it will transport your trade show attendees to another place entirely. To a place of your choosing. With decidedly less pamphlets.


Example#1: Munro Companies

Munro Companies commissioned us to produce a film that transports their trade show attendees back to their headquarters in beautiful Western Colorado where Munro's small-company culture seeks to solve problems for their customer no matter what the obstacle.


Example#2: truck hero

Truck Hero asked us to use footage we shot for their product film to transport its trade show attendees to the great outdoors while showcasing their truck accessories. We were able to make a visually stunning ten-minute looping video for their trade show.