Public Relations


You want to define the culture of your company and how that culture is communicated to your customers--before it’s defined and communicated for you by someone else. You know the heart of your company--but do your customers? Sharing who you are and what drives you to move forward allows your customers to connect with you emotionally. Once you’ve made an emotional connection, your customers are going to keep choosing you because they feel they have a relationship with you. Helping others to understand the core of your company also helps the public understand that you’re an organization made up of living, breathing, human people instead of a cold, hard impersonal entity.



EMIT Technologies wanted to create an effective, story-based public relations video to communicate its heart of always pushing forward in knowledge while always respecting their work and their customers. Their mantra “W.O.R.K.: We Owe Respect and Knowledge” permeates the entire staff’s approach in making the world a better place through considerably decreasing airborne emissions and helping oil and gas companies exceed required regulatory guidelines.

We created a film for EMIT that highlights EMIT’s conscientious company philosophy with candid quotes taken from staff interviews. Time lapse videography helps to illustrate the company's positive environmental impact, and a cinematic visual approach highlights the industrial environment. This film illustrates the business’s principled culture, how that culture influences its approach to business, and how the business impacts the world we live in.


example#2: 521 drainage authority

521 Drainage Authority wanted to explain their mission in terms citizens could relate to. Through our campaign we built on Western Coloradans’ love of the Colorado River to guide them towards proper steps to dispose of contaminates.